PRF skin rejuvenation in Orleans, Ottawa.

PRF treatment for skin revitalization

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatment is helpful for regenerating skin cells and improving skin texture, tone, and overall complexion. The fibrin mix in PRF stimulates stem cells which improves collagen and elastin in skin.

How Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment work?

In a PRF treatment procedure, blood is drawn from the patient and centrifuged at slower speeds than in a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure. The absence of an anticoagulant in the PRF tube allows the formation of a spongy, gel-like product rich in platelets, stem cells, growth factors, and fibrin that can be injected into the skin to address signs of aging, hair loss, or skin healing.

When injected with PRF, the skin’s natural collagen production is greatly boosted, which fills in wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, and generates firmer, healthier skin.

blood-structure-prf (1)

Because the fibrin matrix is better organized than PRP, PRF can more efficiently direct stem cell migration and the healing program.

The main benefit of PRF treatment is that it employs our body’s cells in a way to promotes the healing of the skin. As the product originates from your patient, it is very safe.

  • It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and improve tone, reduces pores, minimizes scars, and assists with discoloration.
  • PRF can treat the effects of under-eye skin aging by filling in hollows and reducing the visibility of under-eye wrinkles.
  • The hair follicles treated with PRF will immediately be reinvigorated and begin to grow new hair. The hair will strengthen and become thicker.

PRF Skin Rejuvenation Treatment FAQ

The biggest reason why PRF is that much more effective than PRP is that it gives patients the same benefits as PRP, while also releasing more growth factors overtime which means that it continues working longer than PRP.

It is recommended that you avoid: Alcohol, caffeine, Niacin supplement, spicy foods, and cigarettes 3 days before and after your treatment. (All of these may increase the risk of bruising). There are minimal restrictions after your PRF injections allowing you to return to your daily activities almost immediately.

PRF is considered the next generation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments and is more potent than PRP. Both include platelets, but PRF also offers some things that PRP does not, including stem cells.

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